Life is Hard

I’ve been dealing with the death of a close friend lately. It seems like this past year has been filled with so many more deaths than previous years. It’s times like these that remind me how hard life can be on us all. 


A Whole New World

A Whole New Wrold

Trying to figure out what to write for your first few blog posts is intimidating. Actually, all of blogging seems intimidating.

Everything I have read about starting a blog mentions to find what you are passionate about, stick to that and the rest, with hard work, will fall into place. I follow plenty of blogs daily, some for many years now. Food blogs, makeup/product blogs and general lifestyle blogs seem to take up most of my reader feed. I love finding a new recipe to make or a new product I want to try. But I’m even more passionate about sharing those things that I find and love with those around me. Finding a recipe that I love is great but finding one to share with my Mom is amazing. Finding a funny picture or video is entertaining, but finding one to send to my best friend to make her smile in the middle of her day is way better. I want to share the things that make my day better with those around me, I’m hoping this website will expand the amount of people I can share with.

So hopefully you’ll be able to find something you like here, but also share with me the things that amuse you on a day to day basis.