Countdown to Christmas: 48 Days

Countdown to Christmas

In my last post I mentioned that I was eager to start the countdown to Christmas. 48 days left, well 47 days and 10 hours if you want to get a little more technical! 🙂

I feel like I’ve been waiting since last Christmas to bust out my favourite holiday movies and cuddle up with a giant mug of hot chocolate. So I’ll probably be checking out the countdown clock quite often. Once it gets a little closer though I wanted to have something that would act as a decoration but also a daily way to keep track. Continue reading


I’m Back!

I’m back! Due to a musty/mildew problem that started with the humidity in the summer the room where I have my computer has been out of commission for almost 2 months! So annoying! I finally had enough and shoved things around so I could free my computer from that mess and be able to use it once again. I’ve been able to use my phone and iPad to be able to do day to day stuff but for somethings you just want to be able to use your actual desktop or laptop, ya know?

So I’ll keep to my little temporary set up for now and hopefully I’ll be able to be back at my real desk soon enough!

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Fall is in the Air

I don’t know about where you live but where I am fall is most certainly in the air! Even though it technically doesn’t arrive until the 22nd of September it is already slowly creeping in more and more as it gets closer to that date.

Fall is my favourite time of year, and I know many of you would agree with me. There is just something amazing about the season between blistering hot summer and bitterly cold winter that makes it feel so special. You get to pull out your tall boots and cozy knit sweaters that have been packed away. Soups, tea and hot chocolate are welcomed back since they are rarely something you want to have when it’s hot and humid out. There are also many fairs and festivals to attend, I remember going to the fair every year when I was younger to get a pogo, go on the rides and see the baby animals.

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

Now that I’ve long been out of school I can finally appreciate the use of that phrase in their back to school commercials. I don’t have kids yet so I’m not quite as ready for back to school season to be here, my sister in-law however, has been ready for quite some time now. In Canada it’s still a few weeks away but I know for those south of the border it’s about that time. I love stumbling across free printables and backgrounds for different holidays and occasions so I thought maybe now it was my turn to make a few for others to enjoy.

If you do have little ones starting school this year or going back you may want to leave them a note to let them know you are thinking about them. I made one blank incase you want the whole space or to draw a quick picture for them and one with lines if you are like me and cannot write straight to save your life.

Apple Note BlankApple Note Lines

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