Countdown to Christmas: 48 Days

Countdown to Christmas

In my last post I mentioned that I was eager to start the countdown to Christmas. 48 days left, well 47 days and 10 hours if you want to get a little more technical! 🙂

I feel like I’ve been waiting since last Christmas to bust out my favourite holiday movies and cuddle up with a giant mug of hot chocolate. So I’ll probably be checking out the countdown clock quite often. Once it gets a little closer though I wanted to have something that would act as a decoration but also a daily way to keep track.So even though it’s still early I wanted to have something made and ready to go when I needed it. I made a Christmas countdown printable that I can use to countdown the days. I figured it would also be good for my nephew since his dogs always seem destroy his chocolate countdown. Christmas Coundown I haven’t decided yet if I’m just going to print it off and leave it as is or if I want to put it in a festive frame and be able to use a dry erase marker so I can use it again next year. Either way, it’s a fairly simple countdown where you just cross off the number that corresponds with the date. Like so: Christmas Background Used Or if you and/or any kiddos in your life want to get creative you can allow whoever is doing the crossing off that day to colour a holiday themed picture or put a sticker over the number: Christmas Countdown Crossed with Pictures I’ve been eyeing some more elaborate advent calendars lately but they can be pricey or time consuming to make so for now I’m happy with this one, even if I had a bigger one I still would want to use this one too. There is something satisfying about physically crossing those days off! I also tested it out and on my widescreen computer it looks good as a background. On the stretch to fill setting it looks okay but obviously a little stretched, fit to screen is my favourite way to have it because it’s in the centre and I can make the background colour red, green or any other colour I want. Feel free to use as either way and let me know what your favourite things about the holidays are!


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