Lovin’ it Lately: 2nd Edition

Lovin it Lately

Well here we are, back for round two of the things I have been loving lately.

1) This post on purging things that you don’t need anymore. I don’t have an over abundance of things, but out of what I do have, I have a lot that is useless to me. The post talks about not feeling guilty about getting rid of things because of how much they cost you, or if someone gave it to you or there is a special memory attached to the item. This is what I do, a lot! I have plenty of clothes that I never wear but the guilt of getting rid of them when I spent hard earned money on them is tough.

2) These Wilton Candy Melts in Birthday Cake Flavour that I found at Michael’s this weekend. Amazing!Photo 11-2-2013, 5 06 12 PM

3) The Pioneer Woman show on the Food Network. Just like everyone else I’ve been obsessed with her since stumbling on to her site years ago! I’ve never managed to catch her show until my boyfriend got a DVR. Now I get to have mini Pioneer Woman marathons whenever I want! I thought before seeing her recipes and pictures on her site was dangerous, seeing them in motion on the show makes me want to make all of the dang things!

4) This tutorial on making your own Instagram canvas. Looks super simple and easy to customize what size, colour and tape you want to use. Plus it allows you to show off more than one photo at once, I need to make a few of these!

5) This cake batter whipped cream looks amazing! I don’t even think it would need cake.

6) This faux burlap bunting. I didn’t find this in time to make it for Thanksgiving but I know American Thanksgiving hasn’t happened yet so I thought I’d post it anyways. I’ve already saved it to make for next year.

7) This Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea!!! I can’t even believe this exists and am super bummed that it’s not available in Canada. If I end up shopping in the States before the holidays are over I am going to be on a mission to find this bad boy!

8) The fact that Thanksgiving has come and went and now so has Halloween so now it’s on to counting down till Christmas!!


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