I’m Back!

I’m back! Due to a musty/mildew problem that started with the humidity in the summer the room where I have my computer has been out of commission for almost 2 months! So annoying! I finally had enough and shoved things around so I could free my computer from that mess and be able to use it once again. I’ve been able to use my phone and iPad to be able to do day to day stuff but for somethings you just want to be able to use your actual desktop or laptop, ya know?

So I’ll keep to my little temporary set up for now and hopefully I’ll be able to be back at my real desk soon enough!

One of the things that I did see while I was gone was a post from Heather on desktop organization backgrounds over at Moritz Fine Designs. I can’t remember how I came across her post but it was a total duh moment, how didn’t I think of this! Either way I’m glad I stumbled upon her post. Between the two posts she has on her site for organizational backgrounds she has a few options for you to choose from. I think I like her aqua circles the best but I do love the idea of the ombre one she offers, if only it came in other colours.

I have the aqua one saved up to use but I really wanted to use more a more seasonally appropriate background right now since fall is so beautiful. So I set out to make my own. This is how my background currently looks:

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 5.11.27 PMIt’s not as perfectly polished as Heather’s but it isn’t too bad for a first attempt and it did include fall like I wanted.

I figured I’d post the blank copy here so that if anyone wanted to use it they could go into PicMonkey and add whatever they would like to the labels. My screen is 2560 X 1440 so I’m not sure how good it will look on other sized screens but feel free to use it if you have the same size. Make sure you go check out the link to see Heather’s (she does offer many options for screen sizes), hopefully she’ll continue to add on to the options she already has because I think they are a great way to keep your computer screen clutter free. If you want a fall option here is the black version of the one I made.

Autumn Background1440x2560Let me know if there are any other backgrounds like this that you’ve been using, I’d love to check them out!


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