iPhone Wallpaper

I decided to make myself a little fall themed iPhone wallpaper so I thought I’d share it here incase anyone else would like to use it. It is fairly simple, just a line from a song, but sometimes that’s all I want in a wallpaper for any of my electronics!

I know that not everyone is crazy about Taylor Swift but I do like most of her songs, and I know quite a few people who like her but would be too embarrassed to admit to just anyone that they do.

Taylor Swift Red Canadian

I didn’t put on the wallpaper that it was from her song Red, sometimes having extra text on it can ruin a wallpaper or a printable. Plus this way even those of you who don’t like Taylor or her music can still use it! Since I am Canadian and spell colour with a u, so I decided to make one without it for any American friends that way want to use this.

Taylor Swift Red

Hope you enjoy it.


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