Taste the Rainbow: Purple Edition

Taste the Rainbow Purple EditionPurple has been one of my favourite colours for as long as I can remember. When I was little my cousin and I used to get matching outfits. Hers would be pink and mine would be purple, except for the time my Mom found an awesome Little Mermaid pink and purple tie dye outfit for us. Eventually blue took over the spot of my favourite colour, especially navy, but over the past few years purple has been creeping back into my heart. My favourite being dark purple, go figure since it looks so similar to navy blue.

I found a bunch of things lately that have all caught my eye with their beautiful shades of purple.

Purple Collage

1.  Back to school time is a perfect time to find agendas, even if you aren’t going back to school. I love the look of the writing on the cover of this one. Get it here

2. I love everything that has to do with cats so this cute print jumped out at me! Get it here

3. This sweater would be great for workouts or just as lounge ware. Get it here

4.  I’ve only ever seen black or nude shoes with the pop of a different colour at the toe so these purple ones are great. Get them here

5. I love the detailing on the top layer of this dress! Get it here

6. Portable speakers are always great to have on hand for parties so anyone can hook up their phone, these ones are not only functional but the purple makes them great to display as well. Get it here

7. I already have a rug similar to this but it has more pink and yellow than purple, I like the looks of this one much more. Plus you can never have too many rugs to keep your toes warm in the fall/winter. Get it here

8. These tights in bright purple look so fun. I’m picturing them paired with a little black dress to add a pop or colour. Get them here

9. I love the look of this ring, it’s not big and clunky but it still has enough detail to stand out amongst other rings. I really love that it isn’t the standard plain silver or gold ring. Get it here

10. This is just a great plain tank top to pair with jeans or comfy pants to lounge in, either on its own or layered. Get it here

11. These glasses would make a great addition to any girls night cocktails. Get them here

12. This dress is fairly similar cut to the previous dress but has a darker shade and is more of a casual dress. The reviews on the site were very positive. Get it here

13. I’ve been looking for new bedding lately, this duvet cover really caught my eye. The purple on this one isn’t too overpowering so it might even work well for anyone who shares a bed with someone who isn’t too crazy about the colour purple. Get it here

14. I always am on the lookout for new pants to either workout in or be able to grab for lounging around the house. I like that these ones are the standard black that I normally would go for. Get them here

15. It’s been a lot cooler in temperature where I am the past few days which makes this sweater look even more appealing to me! It looks so comfy and warm. It appears to give you a little extra cover for your butt which will be great for anyone who wants to wear a tighter pant without feeling self conscious or just keep their backside warm! Get it here

16. These are called slipper shoes, while you could wear them outside I would probably keep them as slippers for the cold winter. Get them here

These are all things I’ve come across recently so they should still be available online now! Let me know if you’ve seen any amazing purple items lately.


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